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Use Vedic numerology for partner matching

Tantricmate partner matching


Getting your personalized reading using Vedic numerology

Get your reading based on Vedic numerology only using your name and date of birth.

6 personalized readings

  • Name – your potential
  • Heart – your desires
  • Psychic – your strengths
  • Life Path – your life’s potential
  • Yearly outlook – what this year has in store for you
  • Daily – your reading for today.

 Mantra and meditation with customizable timer based on your reading.


Matching with your partner or potential partner using Vedic numerology

Ability to store unlimited profiles of names and date of birth.  Match your profile with that of your partner and get your results based on  your Psychic and Life Path readings

tantricmate Vedic numerology

Unlimited profiles

Add unlimited profiles for reading and matching within this beautifully designed app.  Easily search by first letter of the name and see reading for every profile at a glance.

Match with as many profiles as you want

Match your profile with as many profiles you have within the app.

Tantricmate app supports the latest iOS  and the latest iPhones 

The Tantricmate app has been refined for over 4 years with constant updates to support the latest iOS and new Apple devices.  The user experience is seamless and beautiful.

tantricmate Vedic numerology

What You Get

Unlimited profiles of users you can track within the app

Profiles based on full name. and date of birth are easy to enter and navigate along with sorting and indexing by first name.  There is no restriction to how many profiles you create.

Your 6 readings based on Vedic numerology

Your 6 reading based on your profile.

Your name reading shows how the relationship of your name and how it affects you

Your name number reading shows how your name is influencing you and gain insight.

Get your detailed reading with planets and meditation

For each of the 6 readings based on your profile, get more detail, influencing planet, your mantra and meditation based on your reading.  Meditation includes a customizable timer that you can configure the length of the meditation.

Partner matching with unlimited profiles

Match your profile with any profile you have within the app.  The app supports unlimited profiles.

Learn Vedic numerology

Learn various aspects of Vedic numerology from the app.

Get Started!

Start your journey into the exciting world of Vedic numerology.

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    tantricmate Vedic numerology
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