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Main features of our Apps to explore Vedic numerology and astrology


iVedic your complete reading using Vedic Numerology


Unlimited profiles for friends and family for individualized readings

5 different readings – Name, Soul, Psychic, LifePath as well as a Yearly Outlook

Daily Number with the energy of the day for a personalized daily advice using numerology

Reading includes a governing celestial and its associated deity and mantra

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Partner compatability and your reading using vedic numerology and astrology


Unlimited profiles – for unlimited matching using Vedic numerology

5 Vedic numerology readings for each profile

Daily Number reading for each profile

Planetary information and mantra for each reading based on numerology and astrology

Yoga meditation with adjustable timer based on your readings with its mantra

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Lotustimer and Zenactivity for meditation, yoga, interval training

BeReady and BeTimed for kitchen and meditation, yoga, interval training
Decode your name using vedic numerology


Quick glance provides a peek into the name numerology for each of unlimited profiles

6 personal readings based on your full name – Destiny, Heart, Personality, Growth, Heritage and Inspiration Number using Vedic numerology

Each name number reading includes a governing celestial and its associated deity and mantra

Move steps by simple drag drop

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tantricluck all your facets of vedic numerology


– Supports reading for unlimited profiles
– Favorable Colors, Day of the Week all based on your personal reading. Which job is most suited to you based on your numerology? Get answers to this and more with Tantricluck
– Also, get to know your most favorable Surroundings/Scenery, Gem, Metal, Amulet, Dates of the Month, Food PLUS an example meal, Direction, Numbers.  This is based on your individual reading.
– Daily Number is your number for today based on your numerology reading based on your date of birth.


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Other cool apps

Yogicfoods vegan vegetarian recipes


Vegan and vegetarian recipes with Yogic benefits in 3 flavors – Original, Baking and Global.  Jump start your yogic lifestyle and embrace the yogic diet with beneficial yogic foods.  Also, features meditations to strengthen your Chakras with custom times set by you.

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iTantric tantric numerology


Tantric numerology readings along with Kundalini yoga meditations to supplement them.  Support for unlimited profiles with at a glance readings.  Add to your Sadhna morning practice and Kundalini yoga with this deep dive into Tantric numerology.

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Yinyangmate chinese astrology matching


Yinyangmate shows you and your friends signs, elements and aelemental animal signs using Chinese astrology.  Match and compatability analysis bases on you and your partner or friends full Chinese horoscope based on Chinese astrology.

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Yogamap quick yoga in your pocket


Ready for a quick yoga workout? Yogamap enables a full yoga class on your mobile device when you are in the mood.  Features 7 minute or 14 minute yoga.  Also, a customizable meditation option along with progress tracking is enable to improve your yogic practice and yoga lifestyle.

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Mayanchart mayan astrology


Mayan astrology and your Mayan signs for you and unlimited others.  Manage profiles for your friends and family and get their detailed Mayan chart based on Mayan astrology.

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10k Steps pedometer step counter


10000 Steps a day for your health or any other goal.  Set your goal and allow this app to give you metrics to achieve your goal.

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ZenActivity the timer for yoga, meditation, mindfulness and interval training


One of the best timers for yoga, meditation, interval training including HIIT, tabata and more.  Eassily setup your multiple workout using a simple drag-drop interface.

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iYinYang chinese animals chinese astrology


Get your full Chinese horoscope including your animal sign, your element & your elemental animal.  Discover what traits you posses and how Chinese astrology can be used to provide you, family and friends with valuable insight.

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BeReady kitchen timer for multiple dishes on time


The ultimate kitchen timer that enables you to cook and time multiple dishes at the ssame time.  Layout your appliances as per your kitchen, setup your countdown timer and your are good to go.

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